1 month pre-Launch campaign - $500 USD paid in advanceTime line 15-June-2020 to 15-July-2020



Law App Australia Strategy

Overall Target To Be Achieved:

  • To drive consumers who have legal questions needed or need advice to the forum to interact with lawyers and other professionals and gain knowledge. Like Quora but specifically for the legal sector. To build an online community around the legal subject.
  • To target legal firms to join the platform as a member and to encourage marketing of their own legal services to Law App platform based on web traffic and interaction on the site.
  • To have subscribers to the platform - both consumers and business who are interested in receiving blogs and newsletters around the subjects of the business and also to join up.
  • The result of this should also drive downloads of the app which in turn leads to higher interaction.

How will we achieve these ?

  • We will approach all the legal firms in our Data Base in Australia. (We also hold data bases for lawyers across South East Asia and all cities)
  • Individual custom emails sent to our entire Lawyer data base. One on one personal intros to be made. No newsletters or spam style marketing will be efficient in this sector.
  • To create a marketing strategy decided to consumers who would benefit from the services and engagement of the platform.
  • To build a community around the platform and app, forum etc. to be a place where people can directly go too for advice and to also provide advice and become an influencer or leader in their chosen legal field.
  • We will utilize DIRECT emails to lawyers encouraging them to download the app, sign up to the forum and also take up a membership with the platform. We also provide and create a short media kit of the banner and marketing as an extension of what can be offered.
  • We take part in other forums associated with this field by marketing to know circles of legal groups in other forum based platforms.
  • Market the legal advice to consumer markets via Facebook channels.
  • Adding the Links and brief of the Lawapp and its value add to our 100 Facebook groups interacting with business Across Asia.
  • Operate the Social Media Facebook page and design rich content around the brand to encourage more interaction and growth on the Facebook page growing its follower base significantly.
  • Create and manage a legal Faebook group designed around a community for the same services of the app and forum.
  • Set up and manage the LinkedIn page where a very high level of the target audience will be on this platform and the #1 place to be for this.
  • All posts, social media will have study into trending keywords, topics which are relevant and hashtags which will draw the right attention to the business.
  • Other marketing tactics to draw users to the forum and website.

LawApp | Australia Pre-Launch


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